• Glass Tempering Furnace

    • Glass Toughening Furnace

    • Glass Bending Furnace

    • Furnace Heating Elements

    • Vacuum Bagging Film

    • Aramid Fiber Rope

    news 2.44*10 meters convection glass tempering furnace start production successfully!

    Luoyang Lever Industry Co.,Ltd

    Luoyang Lever Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of glass processing machinery. Located in Luoyang city, the "foundation of China Float Glass Line" in the world. Our main products include Kinds of Glass Tempering furnace, Glass Laminating Machine and related Machine Parts and material etc. We have very experienced R&D, and installation & service engineers & technicians team. Leverglass, offers not only the processing machinery, but also kinds of machine parts. You could choose a single machine or an entire solution, or the upgrades improvements on your current machine. The ...
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